``I was trying to answer the simple question that you'd think regulators should want to know: how much of each bank's revenue is derived from trading (taking risk) vs. other businesses? And how can you compare it across the industry-so you can contain all that systemic risk? Only, there's no uniformity across books. And, given the complexity of these mega-merged firms, those questions aren't easy to answer.''


tvsterling at 21:50 2009-12-05 said:
The quaint old fashioned term for this is "muddying the waters." Once again, if prudence, honesty & morality will not control these monsters then legislation will have to do the job. A large part of this can be simply accomplished by breaking up these 'too big to fail' institutions. Are they really that stupid as to think the country won't or can't do this when finally forced to? It really is the height of arrogance. What alternate reality do these people inhabit? Permalink

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