State and university employees could wind up with IOUs in their pay envelopes instead of checks in February if the planned sale of state buildings hits a snag, state Treasurer Dean Martin warned Monday.

And that could leave workers with a piece of paper that won't help them buy food for their families, pay the mortgage or heat their homes.


tvsterling at 07:43 2009-12-12 said:
In California it was clearly established that paying employees with IOU's is illegal. The law is that wages are property & paying by IOU is theft of property. On the other hand a contractor CAN BE PAID by IOU. California state contractors found that out to their dismay. Also there is no sham contractor status. Your employer cannot unilaterally declare you a contractor just to get around this. Was tried years ago to avoid paying withholding & Social Security by certain dirt bag employers. No contractor status without a written, negotiated contract. Courts will set aside any bogus claim that an obvious employee is a contractor with serious penaltys & consequences for the employer. The State has to abide by the law too; IT'S THE AMERICAN WAY. Permalink

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