" Given unsupportable runaway spending and pension promises that cannot be met, it should be no surprise that Pennsylvania, like every other state, is running out of money. The crisis has come to a legislative showdown and Pennsylvania Governor Rendell is warning of massive layoffs."


ronia1 at 12:33 2009-12-21 said:
as a proud PA resident (LIFER--- East side representing LOL) I can tell you plenty of reasons for our deficiency. As a child, I remember PA being known asa the WORST in the entire country for its roads. Now we are at the polar opposite and to this point a major artery was opened about 10 years ago linking Route 30 Bypass to Route 202 in Chester County (THANK YOU!!!) The PROBLEM is the tarmac was entirely perfect after 10 years, but becausse someones budget allowed for it to be repaved, "SO BE IT!!!" With the megamillions that job cost, could we not have kept more needed workers in office or done something productive with the funds, or is it literally politics as usual requiring us (PA/Chesco) to "use it or lose it?" GO FAST EDDIE!!! Permalink

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