"Not only are personal bankruptcies soaring, U.S. business bankruptcies rise 38 pct in 2009."


MortgageDrummer at 15:02 2010-01-07 said:
Really, , ,

You mean that is why all of the un-employed?

Hmmmmm. I'll bet the most of these BK's are small business. . .

Hmmmmmmm. . . I think [size=18:e13d7626ac]we[/size:e13d7626ac] the small business owner employed most of these now un-employed. . .??? do you think?

As a small business owner I called the un-employment office to inquire about receiving un-employement benefits for myself and she said "There was a record # of the small business owners themselves filing." . . . .. . .

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