"In a lawsuit filed on Thursday, the attorney general, Andrew M. Cuomo, asserted the bank and the two officers — Kenneth D. Lewis, the chief executive, and Joe L. Price, the chief financial officer — misled shareholders and the government about the merger with Merrill Lynch."


Mr. X at 14:59 2010-02-04 said:
Freaking Nuts!!

Ken Lewis is getting the shaft from NYAG. If I were Ken Lewis I'd tell the AG to go F--k himself, and move to Switzerland or Panama. Permalink

MortgageDrummer at 14:59 2010-02-04 said:
Maybe they should take Dodd, Frank and Mazillo too?

Funny , now that everyone has access to the internet. . and if they can read. . .

but again. . The US has the lowest test scores for our youth coming out of high school . . oh boy. . can't wait until one of them represents us. . .

No roll models anymore. :oops: . . it's ok. . our government did it. . so now it's the norm to commit fraud , that's how you get ahead in life. . . right? Look at our leaders. . :twisted: :evil: It's the norm. . it's ok. . . :wink: Permalink

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