Goldman's executives are calling for two regulations here. First, they want the federal government to restrict free-wheeling, heavily leveraged, high-stakes financial risk taking. Second, they want government to set more rules of the road for trading derivatives -- financial products that are often complex. These are the very "fat cats" to whom Obama directed his trash talk in January: "If they want a fight, that's a fight I'm willing to have." Well, it looks like they don't really want a fight. It looks like they want more regulation. The question is: What's in it for Goldman?


tvsterling at 10:12 2010-04-17 said:
The Squid pulls a double reverse out of the Half Nelson, moves smoothly into an Arm Bar & continues to devour what's left of the country. (Why do they bother? We are almost squeezed dry.) Check out their support of Obama, I guess we now know who his handler is. Permalink

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