"Due to the Senate’s extension of the new homebuyer tax credit, more people will be seeking to qualify for the tax credit reimbursement with the purchase of a home. Persons may qualify to receive up to 8,000 dollars under this tax credit extension. The tax credit has been extended from June 30th for an additional 90 days from the previous deadline. "


StephenF at 16:29 2010-07-02 said:
Somebody please read this article and confirm that it is meaningless... Permalink
Jess Badlybent at 20:59 2010-07-02 said:
Yer right Stephen. Meaningless... completely meaningless. Either the author is an !d!ot or he's doing a good job impersonating an !d!ot. The danger that stupidity like his presents is that some desperate home seller will read this and think that the extension creates new opportunities to sell his home or worse yet some buyer may go out and put an offer on a home expecting to qualify for the credit.

Then there's the bit about over-extending yourself with a bridge loan based on the likelihood you may sell your old home in a depressed market. And you had better hope you sell it quickly before you are stuck facing 3 loans payments ........or 2 foreclosures.

Good advice! Permalink

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