``Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s regulator may identify as much as $30 billion of debt included in mortgage bonds that the companies can force sellers to repurchase, according to Joshua Rosner, an analyst who in 2007 predicted the collapse in the market for the securities.''


mortgagemess at 12:43 2010-07-25 said:
What I am finding is a trend now of lenders going in and recording "errors or cover ups" on mortgages in the public records that have been sold off to Freddie and Fannie..trying to cover their tracks... Permalink
tvsterling at 13:46 2010-07-25 said:
Of course they're complaining. They want business as usual & the ever flowing free lunch. Watch for them to call their pet congressmen on the carpet if things don't go their way. Permalink

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