"The economic profession and bankers on Wall Street have taken a hit to their credibility with missing the biggest recession since the Great Depression. It is understandable for the average person on the street to miss something as nuanced as a tiny recession but for a group of professionals whose mission statement involves understanding the economy and then to miss the biggest economic headwinds in a century is just inexcusable. This is no tiny recession. We have witnessed the unfortunate destruction of trillions of dollars and untold damage to the American working and middle class. Yet we are told from these same professionals that we are in a recovery. There is plenty of room to remain skeptical about this group."


Jess Badlybent at 13:01 2010-08-15 said:
Why not? The Fed is a private corporation, owned by international bankers, indiscriminately using U.S. taxpayer dollars to enrich themselves and their buddies. I read somewhere that we pay approximately $20 BILLION DOLLARS in interest PER MONTH to the Federal Reserve for doing nothing more than printing "funny money" for us. The big problem is they also print money for their friends and then simply add it to our tab. Let's just tell them that last month's payment is the last payment they will receive from us and get on with rebuilding our economy. Our elected wimps in Congress and Senate are too incompetent or fearful to audit the Fed as their constituants have desperately pleaded for so if we stop paying them maybe they will go back home to Europe or the Middle-East or wherever their home base is and stop raping us. If our elected government officials are too gutless to cut-off the Fed's gravy train we need to organize ourselves and stop paying them. Then we can march them out of our country with their Fed buddies. Permalink

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