"Wells Fargo & Co., the biggest U.S. home lender, said it will file supplemental foreclosure affidavits to courts in about 55,000 proceedings after finding some statements “did not strictly adhere to the required procedures.”"


Yotraj at 10:26 2010-10-28 said:
Was it the CEO of Lehman Bros. that got up in front of the world telling us all how wonderfule Lehman Bros., balance sheets were.... 7 or 8 days before they imploded? Wells Fargo's been denying paperwork problems all along and they are deeply in doo doo. They have their own dept. that has it's own robo-signers... they also hire their work out to Lender processing Services too! Robo-Signers Extraordinaire.

All I can say is if I worked in the industry and I had a chance to be tagged a "robo-signer" or anything having anything at all related to them, I'd be collecting evidence and heading for someone in LEGAL Authority... actually, first I'd publish my story on the Net along with the evidence. There's several web sites that'd be glad to publish it for ya for free. Cause otherwise.... do you fully understand the meaning of sacrificial lamb?

Baaaa?????? John R. Permalink

Yotraj at 10:28 2010-10-28 said:
remember.... this is like a game of ring around the rosey.... last one to bring in the evidence.... well you're the lamb chops! Permalink
MakingIt at 15:22 2010-10-28 said:
All you "legal authority" people kill me.

It's not like you're making your payments. This is what America has become. A bunch of takers. Permalink

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