"The November Mortgage Monitor report released by Lender Processing Services Inc. (LPS) shows that the volume of loans moving to real estate-owned (REO) continued to drop as moratoria further delayed foreclosure sales. While the 90-plus delinquency category has steadily declined, the number of loans moving to seriously delinquent status beyond 90 days far outpaced the number of foreclosure starts. Nearly 2.2 million loans are 90 days or more delinquent but not yet in foreclosure."


catherine at 23:19 2010-12-28 said:
the 25 million we have sprinkled on this problem is now gone............

(many new stories out that the Fed LIED ABOUT WHO THEY BAILED OUT AND HOW MUCH THEY SPENT bailing them out)

.....we paid the banks to keep quiet and let people live for 1-2 years for free, (the media and their boys in government didn't want this to be the big story, hardly anything outside of this site on it) and if people stayed in their homes the quieter it got..............

we taxpayers covered their losses, but but but the banks have spent those trillions, acted like it was the summer of recovery :lol: :lol: and paid bonuses and DIDN'T CHANGE A THING and now the only assets they have are to sell those foreclosures for dimes on the doller.

With the government trying to fake out the borrowers by stopping foreclosures DURING THE ELECTION, now the push to dump the guys out of the houses will go on steroids. Kool-aid is only working on half the nation now...... Permalink

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