"The UNLV panelists on “Ending the Foreclosure Crisis in Nevada,” which featured former Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley, said the region’s housing woes are improving, but it’s a long way from being over, even though measures have helped to mitigate the problem."


catherine at 15:47 2011-01-12 said:
but no mention of making the illegal alien invaders go home and giving those jobs to jobless citizens in Nevada so they can save their homes...... :roll:

the numbers of illegals are so high in Nevada that ICE has given up. They voted in the elections in November (never be surprised if we let illegal alien invaders vote in our elections that they VOTE THEMSELVES MORE AND MORE FREEBIES)


the first depression was caused by buying stocks on margin, this one is caused by buying houses on margin

IT IS CRAZY TO THINK WE CAN USE other citizen's tax dollars to make all these investments good again, just crazy.......and CRAZY to continue to tax citizens to pay for more free medical and school for whoever can break into our nation..........so sad so sad, that money belongs to the elderly Americans who paid taxes all their lives..........instead we give it to the criminals.........

and before the bash :roll:

we legalize 10 million new citizens a year AS WE SHOULD and that is the most in the world...........but criminals are criminals and get no sympathy from me over our poor elderly citizens............... Permalink

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