``A second wave of falling home prices is battering some cities that had escaped the worst of the housing market bust. Prices in Seattle, Charlotte, N.C., and Portland, Ore., have hit their lowest points since peaking in 2006 and 2007. Denver and Minneapolis are nearing new lows. High unemployment and rising foreclosures are taking a toll even on markets that never overheated during the boom years.''


catherine at 07:07 2011-01-28 said:
the 25 trillion the government has sprinkled on this mess IS GONE..............new stimulus on deck but it CAN'T SAVE HOUSING..............

we were never in recovery - it was just Uncle Sam trying to cover up the damage.............and here we are BROKE AND 25 TRILLION LESS

4 billion a day INTEREST guys, where is THAT ACCOUNTED FOR????? Permalink

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