"The Obama administration is releasing a white paper today with it’s suggestions to reform the housing market, and the National Association of Realtors is up in arms. It’s been circulating some “talking points” and it has some dire predictions"


BIGTXLENDER at 12:39 2011-02-11 said:
once again NAR is only concerned about NAR, let me ask you this NAR do you have any skin in this game??? .. did not think so..all you do is take, take and then take some more.

There are plenty hard working Realtors out there who deserve a better Lobby.

well now we Lenders do LDP/GSA for ALL loans now. so if you want us to keep making bad loans then we are both working ourselves out of a job Permalink

kindandgentlejd at 19:11 2011-02-11 said:
Of course they are interested in their own interests, that is why they exist. I am glad to see it. NAR has lost sight of who they really protect, their clients, mom and pop buyer and seller. They have thrown their clients to the wolves over the last few years catering to the lenders and government only now to find that the lenders and the government was going to eat them alive. They should be advocating for homeowners and homeownership by not letting the lenders play games with consumers. Permalink

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