"This was the year thousands of U.S. homeowners with option adjustable-rate mortgages were supposed to default as their payments spiked. Low interest rates and a surge of early delinquencies mean the numbers probably won’t be as bad as forecast, softening the blow to a housing market where prices have resumed falling."


catherine at 15:06 2011-02-15 said:
this proves that it was something else that is throwing people out of their homes, NOT RISING PAYMENTS AS WAS PREDICTED,


now with QEII, the second half of the damage is on deck.............rising rates will dump all those Adjustables on the street.........

everyone that had the option loans have loved the fall in rate, those days are over, now it really will be about payment

and with state farm raising insurance rates 26% ahem ahem, the taxes will follow that trend, (triple guys) housing will stay in the basement........ Permalink

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