"On March 20, 2011, professional videographer Mitchell Crooks was assaulted by Las Vegas cop Derek Colling, as this video recording clearly proves. Crooks was falsely arrested and jailed. Thanks to media coverage, the charges were dismissed, but Colling has been unofficially cleared of wrongdoing and is still being paid while under a temporary suspension. 

As has previously happened to Colling, he will ultimately be officially vindicated and his only "punishment" will have been a six-month paid vacation. Call the Las Vegas police at (702)828-3231 and ask why they would continue to employ such a violent person (who has already fatally shot two people, including a 15 year old, in just five years on the job. He has also been the recipient of dozens of other complaints about his brutality.) Note that Colling's excuse for attacking Crooks was that it is illegal to make video recordings while trespassing, but Collings did not even bother to establish whether or not Crooks had the property owner's permission to be there. As it turned out, Crooks is the property owner. Crooks is disliked by cops because he videotaped two white cops beating a 16-year-old black boy in 2002, which led to the cops being criminally charged. Police officers are allegedly trained to avoid escalating situations, but Colling clearly provoked Crooks in this encounter. Police officers routinely torture and even murder their enemies, many of whom are not even criminals, in ways which cannot be proven. Cops are sanctimonious frauds who hide behind a facade of law and order. They are lying cowards who never admit to their crimes, yet self-righteously criticize, assault, and otherwise torment anyone who will not confess to crimes which they did not commit. For every police crime recorded on video, there are thousands of others which have not been so memorialized. Millions of innocent, taxpaying citizens have been robbed, framed, beaten, tortured, and otherwise victimized by arrogant, racist, inept, political-hack cops. Most policemen do not give a rat's ass about upholding the law; their sole concern is to massage their unjustifiably inflated egos, blue-collar hero vanities, and unwarranted god complexes. Cops are not better than anyone else is. If police officers would just perform their duties in accordance with the law, there would not be such hostility towards them. If all cops were honest, even the lowest sociopathic thugs would respect them."

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