``No one knows whether what follows the Arab dictatorships will manage to govern the unruly countries that are in the midst of unrest or civil war. Tunisia and Egypt are relatively homogeneous... but Yemen, Syria, Libya and others are very much like Iraq: powder kegs of potential violence and divided by sect, ethnicity, tribe or some combination. The tyrants, through their secret police, kept the peace. The trouble with the Arab Spring is the Arab Fall. ''


bdc63 at 15:46 2011-06-14 said:
The trouble with the Arab Spring is the Arab Fall
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Kirbymuxloe at 10:58 2011-12-22 said:
Arab News network ensures an extensive coverage of the local as well as the regional news also. From Islam based, business or sports news to the news from the local business holders, the numerous newspapers channels serving in the country claims to be respectively working on a widespread platform thereby capturing news related to each and every aspect.

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