"There's an 800-pound gorilla in the nation's hardest-hit housing markets: hundreds of thousands of foreclosed properties are selling, and there's four times as many potential foreclosures behind them."


StephenF at 20:58 2011-07-25 said:
I seem to remember a poster by the name of catherine touting this 2 - 3 yrs ago...she was often criticized and said to be outrageous. wonder whatever happened to that know-nothing :wink: :roll: :shock: :D :o :lol: Permalink
Aaron at 21:20 2011-07-27 said:
I was actually one of the people "touting" this idea (2-3 years ago, if not more), but according to Catherine, I ONLY hold the exact opposite positions and I want to marry Obama. Go figure!

What's the lesson here? Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day. And I'm not the stopped clock here ;) Permalink

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