``I've studied bull and bear markets for over half a century. In my experience, great extended bull markets, such as the current ten-year bull market in gold, don't die with a wheeze and a whimper. They die amid excitement, torrid speculation and finally the wholesale entrance of the retail public. I've yet to see any of those characteristics in the current gold bull market. Therefore, I'm trusting history, and I'm sitting (in) the gold bull market. My impression is that individual retail buyers from all over the world are beginning to accumulate gold in small quantities, regardless of the price of gold. Thus there is subtle pressure to push gold higher, even regardless of its official Comex price. Thus, we may be seeing just the edge, the very beginning, of retail interest in gold as a safe-haven currency. Slowly, the retail public is once again accepting gold as real money (sorry, Ben Bernanke, who recently denied that gold is money).''

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