Former mortgage staffers from Bear Stearns are coming out of the woodworks to explain how Tom Marano's mortgage group cheated their own clients out of billions. This week I reported at The Distressed Debt Report, EMC insiders say they were told to make up the classification for whole loans, packaged into mortgage securities, to get them switched out of the trust. By classifying the loans as `prepaid' or having `subsequent recoveries' Bear staffers were able to fool the trustee into giving them back loans they were not able to legally service. A move New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is actively investigating now.

In my latest DealFlow story we hear from EMC staffers who describe how subprime loans, that would have been sold by Bear Stearns trader Jeff Verschleiser's team, never had a proper servicing license in West Virginia when they were packaged into the residential mortgage backed security. In 2003 Bear/EMC put $100mn of subprime loans from West Virginia into a few RMBS transactions. EMC would service all of Bear's RMBS after they were sold.

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