Though the private program has its critics -- and some say it does not provide all of the important benefits many destitute Americans claim through Social Security -- many in these counties consider their system superior...

Whether or not you agree with moving to something like the Alternate Plan, we're delighted that we've found our "moron of the month" award winner, as indicated by the following passage from the article:

Critics of the Alternate Plan say it is more like a savings program than a social insurance program for all Americans, which Social Security was created to be -- particularly for low-wage retirees, widowed spouses and children with deceased parents.

"People forget that before Social Security, there really were poorhouses," said Eric Kingson, co-director of the coalition Social Security Works.

Yup, that's right Eric. We don't have poorhouses. But that's not because Social Security got rid of them (in fact one might call every household living on social security a "poor house") -- it's because now they're called homeless shelters, tent cities, section 8 housing, or "getting by on extended unemployment checks".

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