During mid March when the updated and much better Harp program was re-launched, FreeRateUpdate.com introduced their exclusive real-time Harp 2.0 leads. Unsure of how this would develop, the Harp 2.0 lead price was set 25% lower than conventional refinance leads. Almost immediately, feedback from clients was excellent and showed the impact this program was producing. On top of that, when compared to their award winning conventional refinance leads, the Harp 2.0 real-time leads are producing better contact, application and closing ratios. Clients are finding that consumers are not only receptive and willing to work with them, they are well qualified as well leading to approvals. Their protocol of filtering and receiving excellent traffic quality allows clients to receive top exclusive leads that produce results. FreeRateUpdate.com's system has earned them the 2012 Lead Industry Award (Leads360) for having the highest conversion rate among all lead providers. When commenting about the Harp 2.0 program, Ed Ferrara, President of FreeRateUpdate.com said "Since we started Harp 2.0, a dozen of our top conventional lead clients have called me telling me they want to get only Harp 2.0 leads. That's how good they're performing for them. They're doing awesome."

Although there were doubts about the success of Harp 2.0, clients are happy with the progress and are reporting that submissions for this program are indeed being approved. These results are exciting because it shows that by combining the best leads of willing borrowers and a fast closing mortgage refinance product, Harp 2.0 has become an outstanding opportunity for quick growth in the mortgage industry that provides cash for both clients and their customers. Since some clients do not have the means to offer the Harp 2.0 program through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with unlimited loan to value, Freerateupdate.com offers them special deals which allows for them to receive Harp 2.0 real-time leads which they can get approved. At the same time, customers are being helped by finding a lender who can refinance a high loan to value or underwater mortgage.

Harp 2.0 may turn out to be the most successful mortgage refinance program introduced in years. Lenders who are involved in refinances should seriously consider taking part in Harp 2.0 right away as the opportunity is there to start, grow or expand your bank's mortgage lending footprint.

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