Hedge fund founder Brian Kim was sentenced to a total of five to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to grand larceny in connection with what prosecutors said was a $6 million Ponzi scheme.

Kim, founder and operator of the hedge fund Liquid Capital Management LLC, pleaded guilty to nine of 26 counts against him in court on March 16.


Kim was taken into custody in October by authorities in Hong Kong, where he fled on the eve of his trial on charges that he stole $435,000 from the Christadora House, a condominium complex in Manhattan's East Village where he lived.


Just before the trial for the condominium complex theft, Kim fled to Hong Kong using a fraudulently obtained U.S. passport, according to prosecutors. He pleaded guilty to passport fraud in federal court in Manhattan last month and was sentenced yesterday to 14 months in prison, a portion of which will run consecutive to his sentence today.

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