A Riverside, California homeowner, Denise Saluto, who was in foreclosure filed for quiet title against Deutsche Bank National Trust, as trustee for Long Beach Mortgage, and its successors and/or assigns, and Washington Mutual Bank, successor in interest to Long Beach Mortgage Company... and won by default. (And Washington Mutual, turned into JPMorgan Chase.)


rocketrob at 08:00 2012-05-14 said:
http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/SoFla-Womans-2-Year-Battle-Gets-Mortgage-Wiped-Out-150863425.html There have probably been by 2012, 1000's(???) of free houses. We just would not have heard about them as the homeowners were gagged (bribed) from disclosing their pre-trial agreement with the banksters... Permalink

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