The scuttlebutt is really flying. But our "spider sense" tells us that this is not just a $2B problem -- this is mere evidence of widespread rot and instability of the derivatives complex, and JP Morgan is ground zero for that...

I have information from a "source" that both Dimon and Blankfein met with Bernanke earlier this week.   The same source is saying the real losses for JPM is 5 times at least the amount stated, they have said it is actually around 18 Billion in losses.   This source is real and is connected in financials.  We will eventually see if the source is correct regarding the real loss amount, eventually coming out.

So that means Bernanke knew what was about to go down with JP Morgan from his meeting with Dimon earlier in the week.   But Blankfein (Goldman Sachs) met with Bernanke also. So........... does that mean Goldman Sach is in just as much trouble as JP Morgan and their losses? 

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