California cities struggle with fiscal pressure .California is the biggest example of why left-wing economic policies don't work. Inner cities are an another example, which are often run by liberal democrats. Liberals are way too concerned with intention rather than result. They hate the free market because its motives for creating prosperity aren't the most noble; but it works. They love the nanny state because they equate good intentions with good results, which doesn't work.People are leaving California, that is the truth nobody wants to admit.The crime is too high, the State, County and Local Governments are broke and horribly mismanaged.Left-wing economic policies have been a failure in Detroit, and most of the states with the worst financial conditions are liberal states (a significant exception to that is Kentucky). New Jersey voters (very liberal) have tried for years to solve their economic problems by raising taxes, and it did not work. Even if the Left could rob "the rich" of every penny they have, it would not get the books balanced for even one year, nor keep them balanced. Government is simply TOO BIG.

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