The haul included one-of-a-kind art, including works by Jasper Johns and Piet Mondrian. Among the items taken were paintings by Expressionist artist Richard Diebenkorn, Impressionist Guy Rose and landscape artist Hanson Duvall Puthuff. There were also abstract Expressionists in the mix, including Franz Kline and Philip Guston.


The 52-year-old Gundlach became one of Wall Street's most acclaimed mortgage-bond investors over the last decade and helped bring his previous firm -- TCW Group -- tens of billions of dollars in business from institutional and individual investors.

TCW fired him in 2009 in a dispute that rocked the investment world. Within 10 days of departing TCW, Gundlach launched his own firm. Most of his team at TCW quickly joined him, and the new firm attracted $13 billion from investors in just 19 months and now manages $45 billion.

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