Awareness is growing, as manipulation simply by looking at the price action is becoming obvious. From the first (and above-linked) article:

... our suspicion is growing that this market is being very heavily manipulated by forces that we can't play against with any degree of success. Is Auric Goldfinger still alive?

This isn't a conspiracy theory. You can see it happen in the trading action across international exchanges. Gold, for example, took a tremendous pounding yesterday and no one quite knew why except for rumors that a massive, perhaps multi-billion gold bullion sell order was executed on the Tokyo exchange. Whodunit? Why was it done? Nobody seems to know. And the press doesn't much seem to care.

And the second article:

... the `mystery seller' times his deals in the "twilight period", or after the London market closes and just before the Asian markets really get going, when the trading is thin. "We've seen some fairly large sell orders hit the market in this twilight zone," he told the Dubai Eye 103.8 radio station.

The large sell orders in a thinly traded market have had "quite an impact" says Rhodes, with gold plunging from $1,750 to just above $1,690. "It's mysterious -- I can't explain it," he says. "It's almost as though there is a speculator or speculators who are just trying to trigger a technical move to the downside," Rhodes maintains.

And finally, there is this ZeroHedge piece, On Gold; Morgan Stanley Is Buying What Goldman Is Selling.

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