``This is about the California State Bar Association's handling of a law in California know as SB 94, especially since September of 2011. I outline as briefly as possible, 10 key points in the order I think is best, and provide links to supporting information in BLUE.

For the moment, take my word for it... it's very likely that I know more about this subject than anyone else in the state or country, having written so many in-depth articles about the topic from so many perspectives that I can't count them anymore... having interviewed 4,000 homeowners in the loan modification process... having spent the last 18 months inside services... and having interviewed many in government... I'm about as well rounded at one could get.

Plus, I think I did pretty well at keeping this brief and to the point without sacrificing important detail. There are links to other articles I've written at the bottom. You might want to click on the one that says the State Bar Lacks Fundamental Knowledge About Loan Modifications, as I make very clear what the plain reading of the statute should entail.

What has been allowed to happen here is nothing short of scandalous. The executive director, who portrait photo is found at the top... I THINK SHOULD RESIGN.''

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