``In this column I simply ask reporters to ask DOJ a line of questions. The primary question is whether HSBC, as part of its "immediate, full cooperation" committed to providing full assistance to the U.S. and the U.K. in detecting, investigating, and prosecuting tax evasion involving HSBC. Tax fraud, of course, is simply an example of the many kinds of fraud that HSBC aided or committed in addition to the three forms of felonies that were the subject to the settlement (money laundering, evading sanctions on nations (e.g., Iran), and evading sanctions on terrorists groups).

My question about tax fraud and evasion involving HSBC is prompted by recent stories about tax fraud involving Greece, Switzerland and Jersey (the UK channel island and tax haven). The Wall Street Journal ran an article on December 15, 2012 entitled "EU Tax Chief: Greece Could Generate EUR10 Billion by Reducing Tax Evasion -- Report."''

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