If you don't already know who Max Gardner is... well, then you're in for a very special treat, because Max is considered by everyone I can think of to be the top consumer attorney in the country. He's certainly sued more banks and creditors on behalf of consumers than anyone else, but more importantly... he's won a whole lot more than anyone else.

About 5-6 years ago, Max saw that this crisis was going to require quite a few more lawyers trained to represent consumers in bankruptcy and at risk of foreclosure, and he knew that he was about the only lawyer up to the task.

So, Max Gardner's Boot Camps were born, and since then Max and his esteemed faculty of attorneys and other experts have trained over 900 lawyers, and its been Max's graduates that have won most of the major victories you've heard about in the courts... like Kemp v. Countrywide... the Ibanez decision in Massachusetts... Horace v. LaSalle... and it was Boot Camp lawyer Tom Cox who deposed Jeffrey Stephan from GMAC and brought the term "robo-signing" into the American lexicon.

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