More recently, because of the default of ABN AMRO, it was obvious that not only was there a lack of physical gold in the system, but the system was on the brink of collapse.  And ABN AMRO, one of the largest bullion banks, absolutely did default.

So to prevent wholesale defaults by JP Morgan and everyone else, this raid was commenced.  The bullion banks have now gone from net-short gold, and like ABN AMRO -- at risk of defaulting, to now being very long gold.  And because they are long, our thinking is that we should also be long..

So the central banks are simply creating a setup where they can covertly recapitalize their member institutions, which are the very people who own them (the central banks).  Don't forget that 100% of the stock of the Federal Reserve system of the United States is owned by these criminal banks.  And they are now in a position to benefit from rising prices in both gold and silver...

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