``In regard to silver, COMEX warehouses held a total of 45,945,448 ounces of silver in late April and now hold 40,504,656 ounces of silver as of August 9, 2013, a much less astounding but still significant 12% loss in inventory. However, if we break down silver manipulator JP Morgan's COMEX holdings, the recent numbers become much more revealing. JP Morgan's silver holdings, just since late April, have been drained from 17,848,170 ounces to 9,940,577 ounces, a massive 44% loss, while their eligible silver has increased a massive 61% from 18,094,433 ounces to 29,065, 774 ounces. JP Morgan, during this raid, has conscientiously converted millions of "registered" silver ounces into "eligible" silver ounces. Why would they do this? While there may certainly be more complex answers to this question that what meets the eye, a simple answer would be that JP Morgan wishes to cut their inventory of silver available for delivery and is limiting their exposure to losses of silver inventory after losing so much of their gold inventory.''

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