``Hello, all... thanks for coming. If you're from out-of-state... Welcome to California... "The Hardest Hit of the Hardest Hit States!" We're thinking of having that line put on our license plates out here, by the way. Of course, that really irks some Floridians and Nevadans, but if you've got it... flaunt it... I always say. And besides, Florida's got "The Rocket Docket," and I hear in Nevada they're thinking about offering free drinks while in the loan modification process.

If you're not familiar with foreclosing in California, let's get a few things straight about our quasi-liberal, but generally banking-friendly state... first of all, this is the Land of Gomes, Fontenot & Nguyen... meaning that for the most part, California courts do not care whether the note was assigned correctly, they do not care about MERS being involved as a beneficiary... what our courts care very deeply about is whether borrowers made their payments or didn't.''

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