``The Florida Supreme Court has ruled in the case of the infamous "Foreclosure King," attorney David Stern. Here's what the high court said, among other things...

This case aptly illustrates the manner in which one attorney, David Stern, either in his capacity as the sole managing partner of his firm or in his individual capacity, created chaos on the courts of the state of Florida, prejudicing the whole system as a whole.

These actions affected the Administration of Justice. For the court system, Judges, staff, and Clerk, there were extraordinary delays resulting in the waste of resources due to inaccurate representations and/or failures to appear. For the borrowers, whether in default or not, the attempt to obtain modifications or settle was impossible. For the lenders, the aim to obtain the collateral was delayed or lost because of the inaction or non-appearance resulting in dismissals. Thusly, creating a denial of equal justice to all parties.''

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