``The latest important riddles pertain to the Global Currency Reset and the Chinese Encroachment on Wall Street. A devaluation of the entire set of major fiat currencies is near, which implicitly will occur versus Gold. In other words, the Price of Gold will double soon. At the same time, a USDollar devaluation is being demanded by major global forces. It can only be accomplished by the creation of a new Republic Dollar, not bound by the cited 5% band. It will suffer a series of devaluations like the Venezuelan Bolivar. A penalty is demanded for the monetary abuse to the USD, the gaping trade deficits, the unresolved USGovt deficits, the prevalent banker fraud, even the predatory wars waged on a credit card. Much more will be revealed on the highly disruptive reset that is underway, amidst tremendous obstacles. Regard it as a step within the Petro-Dollar Demise and the arrival to the De-Industrialized Third World (DI3W).''

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