``What I just found out, and what presumably few people in the English speaking world knew, was that the Bundesbank had made an earlier repatriation request in the fall of 2012, to ship home 150 tons  from the US in three years (ending in 2015)... The Bundesbank has now withdrawn the original schedule to repatriate 150 tons from the US before 2015, but continues plan B, to repatriate 674 tons from NY and Paris by end-2020.''

CUTE... so presumably, when it becomes impossible to deny that the current 2020 schedule has any chance of being met, the request will be "rolled" again to 2030... and hey, Bundesbank, you might as well double the planned quantity while you're at it! This scheme is even more pathetic than the banks' selling hypothecated gold/silver certificates with no promise of (or welching on) physical delivery...

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