``The latest setbacks at the largest US bank, employing 250,000 worldwide, are so stark, they could force CEO Jamie Dimon to throw in the towel, analysts say. "It's just beginning to hit them over the head," said Nancy Bush, a consultant and strategic adviser at NAB Research. She believes JPMorgan is also caught up in massive global deleveraging, which is shrinking the entire financial system -- and it'll reverberate through trading markets. "Consumers have reduced their debt," Bush said. "The government leveraged up to fill in that hole and is now going to start deleveraging. There'll be layoffs at JPMorgan."''... Bush said JPMorgan and Dimon, well regarded by his peers, have another problem: Dimon's pay raise for 2013 -- $20 million, up 74 percent from his 2012 comp. "I believe that JPM's board of directors made a massive mistake," she said.''

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