Did they or didn't they? 3 Articles on this topic:

1. Russian Envoy: 9 Detained Paratroopers are Only Russian Troops in Ukraine:

Putin noted that Ukrainian forces have crossed the Russian border several times in the past in larger numbers. The Russian leader added that such incidents with the Ukrainian forces was never a problem for Russia and expressed hope that in the case of Russian paratroopers, it will not be a problem for Ukraine.

2. NATO Releases Satellite Imagery "Proof" That Russia Has Invaded Ukraine (any independent military analysts want to evaluate this??).

3. Washington Piles Lie Upon Lie -- Paul Craig Roberts:

``Putin has invested heavily in diplomacy backed by unprovocative behavior. He would not risk his bet on diplomacy by sending in troops too few in number to have a decisive effect on the outcome.''

We report. You decide.

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