Look, it's not that we all didn't try to save more for our retirement years... we're not all irresponsible spenders, as many would have you believe. It's that we've been bubbled to death over the last 30 years, stuck in a near zero interest rate environment that makes saving money almost impossible, and all the while, we've endured college tuition costs that are up by 1100% over the last decade, to say nothing of health care costs that are completely out of reach... Ask people over age 50 what they plan to do about retiring and most will tell you: "I'm just going to keep working until I drop dead That's a cute phrase, I realize, but when I hear it I always wonder whether the person saying it understands that life often simply doesn't work like that.  In fact, a recent study published by USA Today showed that 50 percent of those that plan to keep working past age 65 end up retiring unexpectedly.  Half end up having to retire for health reasons, but another 20 percent retire to care for a family member, and the rest retire because they get laid off at work or something similar. ''

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