"The culture is toxic," said John, a Wells Fargo home mortgage consultant. CNNMoney is not identifying any of the workers by their real names because each of them insisted on anonymity for fear of getting fired.

The post-scandal atmosphere has taken a huge toll, John said, because customers now assume "Wells is scamming them." Things have gotten so bad that John said he is taking Xanax to control his panic attacks. "It's beyond embarrassing to admit I am a current employee these days. My family and friends think I'm a fraud for working at Wells," John said.''


"They don't care about us. All they care about is money in their pocket," said Jane, a Wells Fargo collections worker, who said she is being treated for depression and anxiety due to the high-stress environment. "Wells says they are there for us. I have not seen it," she said.


The anger at Wells Fargo leadership stems from attempts by the top brass in the immediate aftermath after the scandal broke to shift blame onto lower-level employees.


"The new CEO has no impact here in the trenches. People here are angry...feeling very dehumanized," Rebecca said. "Wells Fargo can give $120 million to a crooked CEO -- but won't allow us to pee [outside of breaks]."

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