For his part, Trump has toned down the anti-Fed rhetoric.

Given the chance Wednesday to sound off on his prolific Twitter feed about the Fed decision, the president-elect was mum. He's made little noise about any changes he would implement on the central bank, though two and perhaps three vacancies at the Fed will give him the opportunity to remake it in whatever vision he chooses.

Peter Boockvar, chief market analyst at economic advisory firm The Lindsey Group, said that when it comes to the path of rates, "the Fed is still woefully behind the eight ball," which could complicate the Trump-Yellen relationship.

"I'm waiting for the Trump tweet complaining about the strong dollar," Boockvar said.

Yeah, Trump is just fine with not fixing the mal-designed fiat dollar and bubble-based banking system, as long as he can slap on some cosmetic economic fixes that can be pointed to as "success" (just like his development projects)

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