The Muslim ban was just one of several ill-considered executive orders churned out by Trump (with Bannon's and Miller's close guidance). One edict from the Oval Office ordered that two regulations must be eliminated each time a government agency or department implements one new regulation. This gimmick is a simpleton's version of regulatory reform that ignores all sorts of complicated issues. It will prove to be unworkable and, probably, illegal. Another order Trump signed, reportedly without reading it closely, put Bannon on the National Security Council, thus sending a shock wave through the ranks of foreign relations specialists.


Trump has a compliant, Republican-controlled Congress waiting to do his bidding. He has millions of supporters who dutifully give him the benefit of the doubt on any issue. He has inherited an economy that is chugging along nicely and an international scene without any immediate crisis. He could be enjoying a small honeymoon right now.

Instead, because of bizarre personnel choices (Flynn, Bannon, Miller, Conway), policy proposals based on falsehoods (there is no flood of poorly vetted terrorists), dumb campaign promises (there is no simple way to get rid of the Affordable Care Act), childish vendettas (picking a fight with Nordstrom for dropping daughter Ivanka's fashion products) and unrelenting lies (pick a day, any day), the Trump administration is mired in controversy and chaos. And Trump, who always finds someone to blame for everything, really has no one to blame but himself. 

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