Walmart, which used to dominate the low-price retail space, is slowly being encroached upon by new discount grocers like Aldi. To compare, a two-liter bottle of soda at an Aldi store costs $1.58 while a bottle at any Walmart store costs $1.56. A carton of 12 eggs at Aldi costs between 58 cents and 79 cents, versus Walmart where they cost between 78 cents and $1.08, according to research conducted by Reuters.

... according to Deutsche Bank's own price comparison study, Aldi is "the price leader" over Walmart. "Specifically, our Walmart basket was 13.5% more expensive on average," Deutsche analysts said in a recent research note. "Said another way, Walmart's average basket of $112.76 was $13.39 more expensive than Aldi's."

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