A second House committee approved the Republican Party's Obamacare repeal bill Thursday, as President Donald Trump flexed his deal-making skills to build momentum behind the legislation amid growing concern among prominent GOP figures that fast-tracking the measure could backfire


"We've been pulling the bill to a more conservative place for a week plus," one senior administration official said, adding the White House is more "in concert" with conservatives on Medicaid.

Ending the Medicaid expansion sooner could however complicate prospects for the bill in the Senate. And it would likely infuriate Republican governors in states that accepted federal funds for the expansion, who face the prospect of many people losing coverage they gained under Obamacare.

Still, despite the White House's laudatory attitude to the self described deal making mastery of the President, piloting the bill through Congress represents an intricate and risky test for a new President -- who has substantial quantities of political capital and prestige on the line. Failing to enact the measure could deal a serious blow to his young administration and he has said himself could incite a "blood bath" for Republicans in midterm elections next year. If the measure hits a road block, the White House could yet come to regret invoking Trump's deal making prowess at such an early stage.


There are increasing signs of dissent among prominent Republicans who are worried that the attempt to build quick momentum for the plan by the White House and House Speaker Ryan could end up being counterproductive.

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