... millions of Americans ... may find their credit-score getting a boost later this year. That's because the three major credit-reporting agencies are changing their standards for two pieces of negative information: tax liens and civil judgments. Either event has led to a lower credit score in the past, so the change is projected to increase the credit scores of 11 million consumers, according to an analysis from FICO.

The change comes as the credit-reporting agencies -- TransUnion, Experian and Equifax -- have come under pressure from lawmakers and consumer advocates to tighten their policies and fix errors on consumers' reports. In 2015, the three agencies settled with 31 states over errors, agreeing to take steps to make it easier for consumers to fix mistakes on their reports.

With the latest action, the agencies will remove tax liens and civil judgments if those reports don't include at least three pieces of personal information, including their name, address or Social Security number.

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