The perception that Millennials -- Americans between the ages of 23 and 37 -- lack savvy when it comes to saving for retirement, budgeting and setting up and sticking to a financial plan is showing signs of being outdated, noted the survey, made available exclusively to USA TODAY...

Sixteen percent say they have $100,000 or more in savings, up from 8% in 2015. And nearly half (47%) have $15,000 socked away, up from 33% in 2015...

About two of three (63%) of Millennials surveyed say they "are saving," which is in line with 64% of Generation X but shy of 75% of Baby Boomers who set money aside.

More importantly, 54% of Millennials say they have a budget, with nearly three of four (73%) saying they stick to the budget each month. And another 57% say they have a "savings goal," which is higher than the 42% of Gen Xers and Boomers who say they are saving with a goal in mind.

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