Workers are dropping out of the labor force in droves, and they are mostly women. In fact, many are young women. But they are not dropping out forever; instead, these young women seem to be postponing their working lives to get more education. There are now -- for the first time in three decades -- more young women in school than in the work force.

One slight problem; when these young women are done with school, there will likely STILL be no jobs -- and now they'll be overqualified, with crushing student loan debt. Unless of course the powers-that-be stop strangling the economy...

We suspect these young women (and young males doing the same thing) will not be satisfied with the modest array of options available to them after they graduate and will join the burgeoning trend of taking their skills and credentials overseas where there is opportunity:

In the 24 months before polling began, the number of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 living abroad managed to surge from barely 1 percent to over 5.1 percent. For those under the age span wishing to move overseas, the percentage has jumped in the same amount of time from 15 percent to 40.

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