Leads360, the market leading consumer sales platform, says Freerateupdate.com leads convert the best with the first place award for mortgage leads conversion for 2011. As the mortgage industry has faced many challenges in recent years, lead providers are there to help their customers achieve not only leads, but quality and conversions.

The second annual Leads360 2012 Lead Industry Report is an analysis of the lead industry and top lead generation firms. The study involved analysis of 23 million leads and their outcomes across almost 1,500 lead buyer databases, nearly 90 surveys and in depth interviews with lead buyers and sellers. With a clear picture of contact, qualifications and conversions across thousands of client installations, Leads360 now recognizes, for second year in a row, the top lead generation firms through their Lead Provider Performance Awards.

Mortgage lead generation is the process of accumulating a list of people who have an interest in obtaining a mortgage. A very important aspect of this mortgage leads list is the conversion rate, which is the percentage of leads that will follow through with an actual mortgage. A high conversion rate means that the company is, in fact, obtaining a large proportion of quality mortgage leads. Freerateupdate.com was recognized by Leads360 as Number 1 in the mortgage lead conversion category for its excellence in performance.

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