"Personally, although Kurland whined like a baby stuck pig at the sentencing, telling the judge that he was “heartbroken and profoundly ashamed,” and agreeing that he should have known better, the guys got to be in zillionaire and nine hundred grand to him is probably something like me paying a traffic ticket. Two years and three months in prison is no picnic I’m sure, assuming it’s federal time where you actually do every day you’re sentenced to do, which it appears it is, but it’s still kind of a weak message when you consider that the judge blamed the attitudes of people like Kurland as being the cause of the country’s financial crisis."


tvsterling at 20:20 2010-05-23 said:
Oh well, A little perp (or is it a little twerp) is better than no perp at all. The federal joints are like country clubs, especially the ones that cater to white collar criminals. Don't worry about baby getting hurt or complaining to his momma. Permalink

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